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AEM-Cube and Quality of Interaction Certification Training

At Human Insight, we comprehend the potential of our assessments for individuals, teams, and organisations. Each of these tools is, in its own right, a valuable resource for development. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that the true potential is unleashed when we combine two of our most impactful tools: the AEM-Cube and the Quality of Interaction (Qi) assessment.

The AEM-Cube: Navigate Through Change and Growth

Based on over 20 years of research, the AEM-Cube is a validated assessment that maps how people naturally respond to change and growth. This tool has globally assisted individuals, teams, and organisations in identifying their growth potential and linking it to strategic decision-making.

Quality of Interaction: No Growth without Cognitive Diversity and Psychological Safety

While the AEM-Cube focuses on the natural contribution of individuals to change and growth, the Qi assessment is centred on the quality of interactions within teams and organisations. It reveals strengths and weaknesses and identifies behaviours that impact performance. The Qi assessment aims to enhance psychological safety and cognitive diversity to create a generative environment.

The Power of Combination: AEM-Cube and Qi

Together, the AEM-Cube and Qi form a potent duo. The AEM-Cube analyses the ingredients (behaviours) at your disposal, while the Qi index provides the recipe (interactions) to prepare the perfect dish. If you aspire to promote cognitive diversity and psychological safety within your teams, these assessments offer not only insights but also the tools to affect behavioural changes.

Additionally, this combined certification training offers several other benefits:

In-Depth Insight

The Qi analyses the Quality of Interactions within your teams, while AEM-Cube reveals individual styles and behaviours. Together, they provide a profound understanding of your teams and employees.

Optimise Teams

With this combined knowledge, you can apply targeted interventions and coaching to enhance teamwork, reduce conflicts, and boost performance.

Strategic Decision-Making

Make strategic HR decisions with confidence. Understand not only what is happening but also why it is happening, and effectively steer your organisation in the right direction.

Our educational module not only grants access to these powerful assessments but also offers guidance, training, and strategies to leverage the obtained insights. Are you ready to transform your team and organisational development?

Discover the synergy between AEM-Cube and Qi and become certified in both instruments—the key to more effective teams and successful organisations.

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