As a team you often face challenges that need to be completed or targets that need to be achieved. This can be impeded by the fact that team members do not get along with each other because they do not know or understand each other’s perspectives. This can negatively affect the team dynamic. In the Team Performance training we will tackle this issue and give you insights into how to handle this as a supervisor. How do you respond to the needs of the team and when do you make the right decisions when needed? With the AEM-Cube assessment we identify who you are as a supervisor and team member, what your natural contribution to growth and transition is and what kind of challenges still exist. We do this on the basis of self assessments. We also look at how your natural contribution to talent compares to the other members of your team and vice versa, by means of feedback images. These will tell us how homogenic or diverse the team is, whereby we strive to have a team that is as diverse as possible. 

Result areas and talent

Furthermore, it is almost inevitable that team members have certain expectations about one another. That is why, during this training, we will also look at whether the team’s result areas are in line with the talents within the team to fulfil these result areas. 

Existing rules and agreements

An additional factor is that there are always formal and informal rules concerning behaviour and habits that have developed within a team. Although team members know and sense these rules, they are hard to break. Therefore, we will also pay attention to these existing rules and agreements during the training.

Team context

Lastly, we will take a careful look at the context in which the team operates. Are you working for a rapidly growing company? Then it is necessary to act fast and to start searching for dialogues to ensure this further growth. Or is your company going through a transition or is there uncertainty within the company? Then we will look at the external factors affecting the team, for instance the influence of stress and how your team can manage this optimally.

Team Performance is a training of 8, 16 or 24 hours, depending on the group's wishes. New insights and practical steps will be provided to work on the team performance. We will help you take the next steps for further improvement. 

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