Quality of Interaction Certification Course

Thank you for your interest in Human Insight and the Quality of Interaction Index assessment. We have developed the tool with research associates from London Business School, David Lewis and Ashridge Business School, Alison Reynolds.

About the Quality of Interaction Certification Course

The Quality of Interaction (Qi) Index tool is specially developed to be used within an organisational context. It gives insights and creates a framework to understand where strategy execution and performance of people is flourishing and where further assistance is needed because teams are not performing as they could be.

The Qi Index gives insight into the state that the organisation finds itself in, the emotional behaviours that people are feeling that impact performance and combine key performance indicators around the topics of psychological safety and cognitive diversity.

The Qi Index and the researchers David and Alison have been accredited by the international renowned Thinkers50 and Harvard Business Review. Interested in downloading their research, please click on the links below.

Who is using Qi?

Over 250+ International operating organisations have worked with the insights that the Qi Index has to offer. From the best practices and validated practices, Human Insight has created a certification program to help consultants, coaches, L&D directors and management teams work with the Qi Index directly.

Why join us?

🚀 Work with unique proprietary training and thought leadership on the topic of team performance and what actually impacts performance.

📊 Consult with your customers or organisation on the basis of the Qi Index assessment.

📈 Improve the internal performance of your organisation or that of your customer.

🏆 Become an accredited Qi Index consultant.

🤝 Become a member of the international Human Insight Network and share knowledge on the topic of organisational culture, people performance and strategy execution.

🌐 Drive new business around the topics of psychological safety, cognitive and strategic diversity.

Program online certification training

The Qi Index training is hosted by Human Insight and given by David Lewis of London Business School. The training covers the following elements:

  • 8 hours of online training (total time investment of participants 32 hours)
  • Business case discussion with the group
  • Pilot use of Qi Index tooling
  • Write up and present a business case and group discussion with other practitioners
  • 1-on-1 Q&A session with David Lewis, London Business School (if needed)
  • Project support and training by Human Insight account manager
  • Online introduction course Qi Index included via Human Insight Academy
  • Demo reports, presentation and support materials for sales and marketing purposes

Join us for the Qi training on the 6th of October. The session is hosted in English.

The investment for this certification training course is 1,500 euros excluding tax. Participants will get an online invoice prior to the session. Participants can only enrol when payment has been made prior to the training date. Not happy with our training? We have full cash back guarantee within 30 days.

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