Since 1919 we have seen that the average age of a company decreases. This is due to a constantly changing world in which the degree of complexity is ever-growing. Think for example of the advent of the internet and other, new methods of consuming and types of content. As a result, organisations need to take many aspects into account to survive as a company. Otherwise, they will be overtaken by other companies that can respond to the increasing degree of complexity. However, managing this growing complexity and understanding how this impacts your organisation is rather hard. 

During the Managing Complexity training we will teach you what the life cycle of an organisation is and how you can recognise where in the life cycle your company currently is. Also, we will teach you how you can protect your organisation with this knowledge against the next complexity, and how you can manage all of this as a supervisor. Science shows for instance that ambidextrous leadership is a good approach to leadership for optimising the current while exploring new elements. When you are able to manage these two aspects well as a supervisor and are able to build an ecosystem with a great diversity of talent, in which individuals get the opportunity to apply their natural contributions, then your organisation will beat the matter of complexity.

During this training we will make an analysis scan of the organisation, an analysis of who they are as individuals using our AEM-Cube and how they manage complexity. Are they more specialist or generalist, optimising or explorative? We will also pay attention to how these results will affect the company’s next steps.

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