Good leadership is an important yet difficult task. As a supervisor, you have to be able to keep the overview, enthuse people, move them to action, communicate well, set up a clear framework and help them when and where necessary. You fulfil different roles, whereby you can further develop these roles by acquiring new insights. That is what we will be doing during this training: giving you insights into your personal drive and motivations. How are you driven to show certain behaviours in an organisational context, especially when leading a team? However, the latter is rather difficult. You could say there are four factors that are influencing one another.

The individual

Firstly: who are you as an individual and leader, and what are your natural contributions and talents regarding leadership?

The team

Secondly, the team: each team consists of multiple individuals. As a supervisor you need to have an eye for the composition of the team and for what they might need as individuals. What is their unique, natural contribution to growth and change, how diverse is the team and how do you create an environment in which team members can develop themselves?

Result areas and talent

Furthermore, result areas play an important role: which result areas individuals and the team as a whole have defined, influence the way you respond to this as a supervisor. Are the result areas in line with the talents within the team? If not, how are you going to approach this as a supervisor?

Team context

Lastly, we have to deal with the context in which the team operates. Whether the company is a start-up, scale-up or corporate impacts the manner in which you as a supervisor need to lead the team. Which role do you play as a leader in the game with other teams, the management team and strategic power?

Altogether, these insights will give you concrete guidelines to lead your team through the many complex problems to come. By giving you insights into your own natural contribution and how you interact with your direct environment, and by giving you the possibility to analyse in which environment you are interacting yourself, this training is a great value to the development of the future supervisor or to the supervisor who wants to take the next step in performance improvement with their team.

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